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Helping Nationwide deliver premium property management in its home town

LBM has been appointed by Nationwide Building Society, the world’s largest building society, to specify and find the right managing agent for their major housing development in Swindon.

Oakfield is delivering 239 beautiful homes in Nationwide’s hometown of Swindon. It’s a new place. A place for people. A place which links existing communities together, and creates a connected community at its heart. A place that welcomes all ages and all lifestyles. Nationwide seeks to appoint a Managing Agent to match. A managing agent that can deliver a proposal which puts the community, sustainability and quality at the centre of its proposal to deliver excellent residential management services to Oakfield.

LBM is working closely with both Nationwide and igloo Regeneration, the UK’s leading responsible real estate business tasked with delivering Oakfield, and will be going out to the market in the next month to find the right partner for Nationwide for the long term management of the development.


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