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Internal Workshop - Transport Safety

Recently, our internal Health & Safety team conducted comprehensive Transport Safety Awareness training. This program is designed to equip our workforce with essential knowledge and skills to ensure responsible travel.

Busy London street with cars, taxis, buses, and pedestrians

Throughout the training session, our team delved into a range of topics to help foster a culture of safety and responsibility. The first focus area was commuting, emphasising the significance of adopting safe practices when employees are travelling to and from the workplace. Our Health & Safety team shared practical tips and guidelines to enhance awareness and minimise risks associated with daily commuting.

As our team members often drive to site visits, there was a section dedicated to driving safely, acknowledging the importance of responsible driving habits on and off the job. The LBM team explored adherence to traffic regulations and maintaining a proactive attitude to enhance overall road safety. Managing vehicles on-site was also a key component, where we addressed the unique challenges and safety considerations associated with operating vehicles while on the job.

We discussed safe pedestrian practices, especially in the context of London where both pedestrians and vehicles share a lot of space. Our team gained insights into pedestrian visibility, right of way, and best practices to navigate shared spaces securely.

Last but not least, the training covered the nuances of using public transport, highlighting the importance of vigilance, personal security, and adherence to safety protocols when using public transport.


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