Frequently asked questions

Why choose LBM?

We think that we offer a great place to work. Based in Islington, our portfolio is diverse and interesting, covering the whole of central London. The team is dynamic and ambitious. For the best individuals, we offer competitive packages and excellent training and career progression opportunities.

What training is offered?

Training is tailored to each individual. Staff are encouraged to take IRPM exams (paid for by the company). Regular seminars and training events are held. External courses and conferences can be attended. Staff are all mentored and have the benefit of an experienced team around them to learn from – if you don’t know the answer to something, a colleague will!

Is there a fixed period for training if I have no previous experience?

Staff are encouraged to undertake continuous personal development, so there is no fixed period for training. If you have no previous experience, you will be immersed in the world of block management from day one and will pick it up very quickly. This will be supported by external introductory courses. For more experienced staff, an assessment of training needs will be made and these will be quickly implemented.

Do you send staff on external courses?

Yes we use a combination of training techniques – which include internal and external courses, webinars, conferences and individual mentoring.

What qualifications do I need to apply?

The majority of our staff are degree educated to undergraduate level or above. Being the right fit for us and having the right experience is equally important. We encourage staff to sit IRPM exams and have staff who hold AssocRICS qualifications.

What is a typical day like at LBM?

No two days are alike because no two blocks are the same. Daily and routine tasks are interspersed with site visits, client meetings and dealing with matters as they arise. Given the nature of block management, the latter point can be more often than not…!

How many blocks will I manage?

We do not have a fixed number of buildings per Portfolio Manager. This is determined by your experience / seniority, the size and complexity of the buildings, the magnitude of issues in the properties within your portfolio, where the buildings are located etc. We do not overload our Portfolio Managers – we ensure that they have the time they need to work on each building in their portfolio.

What size / type of blocks will I manage?

This will depend on your level and experience. The portfolio is diverse in terms of age, size and geography. The portfolio is growing so there are opportunities to get involved with new and different buildings as time goes on. The number of buildings and units managed by each Portfolio Manager is less than at many of our competitors meaning that you have enough time to be proactive dealing with issues rather than just reactively responding to issues as they occur.

Am I only office based or do I visit sites?

You will be based in our office in Islington, north London. Our portfolio is located across central London. All Portfolio Managers undertake routine monthly site visits on their portfolio. They also attend site when works are happening or issues arise.

Will I be part of a team or working alone?

Staff are very much part of a team at LBM. There are three teams of Portfolio Managers, each run by a Portfolio Director. Each team has a Senior Portfolio Manager, several Portfolio Managers, Assistant Portfolio Managers and Assistants. There is constant mentoring and assistance provided. Although you will be allocated your own portfolio, others are always on hand to help you – and you will provide assistance to others. Client meetings are always attended by two individuals, providing support and cover if anyone is on holiday or absent.

Is the office sociable?

At London Block Management, we put a great emphasis on developing a social culture in the office. We have a Social Committee, which consists of at least three members of our staff at any one time and takes care of planning all sorts of social events for our team. The Social Committee organises monthly events such as charity bake-offs, pizza evenings, group outings, treasure hunts, game nights, sports competitions and more! Our Christmas Party is also organised by the members of the committee. They planned an amazing Christmas party last year- we played mini golf at Junkyard Gold Club, which was followed by a delicious dinner party afterwards.

How often is an employee’s performance appraised?

Annual staff appraisals are undertaken of all staff. In the first year of employment, quarterly mini-reviews are undertaken to ensure everything is going well and plan any training requirements etc. Weekly team meetings are held which is your opportunity to raise any issues.

Is there a path for career progression?

Absolutely, the office has always been a meritocracy with the best individuals quickly rising up through the company, with benefits to match.

What is the annual holiday allowance?

All staff start on 20 days holiday plus bank holidays. From year 3 to year 10 of employment, staff get an extra day of holiday per year – so after 10 years of service, you would have 30 days holiday plus bank holidays.

Does it matter if I don’t have a driving licence?

No, given that our portfolio is all in central London. We have pool cars that staff with full clean UK driving licences can use when required to visit their portfolios. However, we actively encourage the use of public transport and most buildings can be reached easily by public transport and a short walk