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World Mental Health Day

In reflection of World Mental Health Day, at London Block Management we acknowledge the growing significance of this awareness day, particularly as we adapt to a new "normal" in the ways we work, live, and navigate our daily lives after the global pandemic. As an organisation deeply committed to the well-being of our team members, we recognise the integral role that both physical and mental health play in fostering a harmonious work environment.

Graphic saying "10 October 2021, World Mental Heakth Day" with an illustration below of a woman with

In a proactive step toward prioritising the holistic well-being of our team, London Block Management has partnered with the British Safety Council's Better Together Initiative. This collaborative effort allows us to access support and guidance from leading experts in the mental health field, ensuring that our approach is informed by the latest insights and best practices. Through this alliance, we aim to implement comprehensive measures that address both physical and mental health, creating an environment where our employees can thrive.

The Better Together Initiative provides a valuable platform for us to engage with resources designed to enhance mental health awareness, resilience, and overall well-being. By actively participating in this initiative, we are showing our commitment to fostering a workplace culture that values the mental health of every team member.

London Block Management seeks to establish a workplace that not only recognises the challenges posed by the evolving work landscape but also actively engages in solutions to promote positive mental health outcomes.

By taking these proactive steps, we are confident in our ability to create an environment where employees can flourish both personally and professionally. Our dedication to the health and well-being of our team remains unwavering, and we believe that a healthy workforce is fundamental to achieving lasting success.


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