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At London Block Management we constantly research more sustainable ways to manage each individual block, putting environmentally friendly practices at the core of our company values. We have a significant experience in establishing client’s sustainability requirements from the start of our relationship and always commit to guide and support them through the processes and changes required to achieve their goals.


Our sustainable initiatives such as supporting clients in switching to renewable energy providers, installing LED bulbs throughout common areas, switching to ethical and sustainable contractor services (waste management, gardening services, cleaning services, etc.) have been widely welcomed and accepted throughout our portfolio. Be it Combined
Heat & Power (CHP) Systems, solar panel and solar power heating, recycling and composting, low energy lighting - we have managed them all!

Installing Solar Panel

Case Study

400 Caledonian Road is a sustainable mixed-use development on the historic ‘Cally Road’ in London’s Islington. Comprising new homes, commercial studios and intimate courtyards, it has been designed to create a vibrant new community within its walls and to enhance the community beyond its walls.

The development was designed by Igloo, leaders in adopting a sustainable approach to design. There is no parking at the property to encourage cycling, with a large bike store being part of the original build. The building also benefits from solar lighting, bamboo flooring in the flats, rain water harvester so all toilets are fed using collected rain water and a CHP unit for heating which is 80% more efficient as it reuses hot water which is a result of generating heating. LBM was appointed to manage the building in January 2019 and has been supporting this sustainable approach since then.

Procurement / Contractors

We consider sustainability as part of the due diligence process when selecting any third-party providers or contractors. We have a long list of already vetted, local contractors, who share our vision on sustainability and incorporate environmentally friendly practices. In the case of 400 Caledonian Road, we have ensured maximum sustainability when possible, be it using eco-friendly cleaning solutions or the gardeners not using any pesticides to support the bee population.

Waste Management

We oversee waste management policy at the building, ensuring that correct recycling practices are being followed, supporting the residents to reduce waste sent to the landfill. In addition, qualifying items are continuously being donated by the residents to support the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle initiative.


We are working with the client to switch the building to 100% renewable energy. At the next renewal date, we will look into the energy consumption data procured on behalf of the client to ensure that the building’s consumption satisfies the renewable energy consumption standard and finalise the switch to a fully renewable energy provider.


At LBM we promote the inclusion of sustainability considerations when undertaking maintenance, alterations or improvement works for any managed buildings. In the case of 400 Caledonian Road, the development has already been built with sustainability at its core, hence as block managers we ensure that all equipment is replaced on a like-for-like basis to ensure that the originally intended sustainability remains in place.

Supporting Progress

Our goal as block managers is to support our clients at 400 Caledonian Road to maintain and progress sustainable practices in to the future. Using our expertise, we reduce the risks around delivering sustainability, whilst working closely with all stakeholders to realise the opportunities and meet client’s sustainability demands.

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