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Lunch and Learn With The Shelter Charity

Last week, London Block Management welcomed Sulayman, a dedicated representative from the Shelter charity, for an enlightening "Lunch and Learn" session. The hour-long session offered the team valuable insights into the vital work undertaken by Shelter to safeguard vulnerable individuals amidst a growing housing crisis. The team gained a profound understanding of Shelter's approach, extending beyond immediate assistance to include preventive measures and impactful government campaigns.

Sulayman speaking to the team at lunch

Sulayman's presentation shed light on the challenges faced by those in need and underscored Shelter's commitment to addressing these issues. The session not only heightened our awareness but also ignited a collective enthusiasm within the LBM team to collaborate with Shelter and contribute meaningfully to the cause.

The team is eager to explore collaborative initiatives under Sulayman's guidance, identifying avenues where LBM can make a tangible difference. Whether through fundraising efforts, volunteer programs, or awareness campaigns, LBM is poised to channel its resources towards supporting Shelter's mission. The "Lunch and Learn" session served as a catalyst, inspiring a shared commitment to creating positive change and a brighter future for those facing housing challenges.


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