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Health & Safety

At LBM we have focused on Health & Safety as a key priority from day one.  We approach this differently to many of our competitors.


We provide our clients with peace of mind and employ our own in-house Health & Safety team, which works closely with our Portfolio Managers (and in some cases, our clients directly) to ensure compliance, as far as practicably possible, at all times.

We undertake a complete Health & Safety Audit to ensure:

  • Health, Safety & Fire Risk Assessment  (including an EWS 1 form if applicable) has been undertaken and is up to date.

  • Water Hygiene Risk Assessment and Schematics have been undertaken.

  • Asbestos Management Survey has been undertaken

  • Electrical Installation Condition Report Report has been undertaken

  • All portable appliances within the common parts within the common parts have been tested

  • Fire Safety Systems are all maintained under contract with inspection records available

Where the above cannot be produced or the documentation is out-of-date, we would instruct the necessary reports / assessments with third party specialists and work through the recommendations, in priority order, upon receipt and review of the reports / assessments.

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