Listed Buildings

‘Listed buildings’ account for about 2% of properties in England and Wales.  These are buildings listed on the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest.

A summary of the three categories of listing is:

Grade I

Buildings of exceptional merit comprising around 2.5% of listed buildings

Grade II*

Buildings of particular importance comprising about 5.5% of listed buildings

Grade II

Buildings of special interest comprising about 92% of listed buildings

If you wish to make any modification to a listed building, you will need to apply to the relevant local planning authority to obtain Listed Building Consent.  Control of listed buildings falls under the remit of local planning authorities and the Department for Communities and Local Government.  Undertaking unauthorised work to a listed building is a criminal offence and the owner can be forced to undo any work undertaken at their own expense.

Listed buildings are a passion of ours; members of the London Block Management team have expertise in dealing with listed buildings and applying for Listed Building Consents.  We are also members of the Listed Property Owners Club and a couple of the team even live in listed buildings!

The legislation surrounding listed buildings is complex and specialist advice should be sought if you have any questions or concerns.