Public Health England, in partnership with the NHS has launched Every Mind Matters, a new way of empowering people to manage and improve their mental health. The campaign prioritises sleep, anxiety, low mood and stress as these are the most common mental health concerns where there is good evidence for self-help. They also work with trauma, obsessions and compulsions, social anxiety and panic. In addition, there is an area of the campaign dedicated to mental well-being. 



Aura is an app for emotional health & sleep, where you can discover thousands of mindfulness meditations, stories, and life coaching tracks created by therapists and coaches around the world. To support their users in the lock down Aura has made their app free for a month, with the prospect of extending the free membership if the lock down period lasts.


The app offers to paying customers sets of guided meditations aimed at tackling problems related to anxiety, sleeplessness, and relationships. As such, Headspace comes across as something like a self-help app. 



Deliciously Ella offers online healthy recipes as well as an app that features over 400 healthy, plant-based recipes, with instructional videos, meal planners, shopping lists and step-by-step images to make plant based cooking easier. The app's wellness section includes meditation and 40+ yoga videos ranging from 10-40 minutes with beginner’s videos to help anyone new to the practice, more advanced classes for those wishing to progress.


Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is an intelligent alarm clock that tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up in light sleep, helping you to feel more rested and energised.