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The office is dynamic and vibrant so we look for candidates who share the same values and are comfortable working in a fast paced environment. Candidate requirements vary  depending on the role being applied for, that is why we always advise to read the role descriptions well. 
We believe in providing the best professional development opportunities - training is undertaken monthly at a minimum and our team members have the option of participating in webinars, external courses, conferences and seminars on subjects of interest to them.
The firm is a meritocracy with employees being quickly identified and rewarded with progression through the firm.
We understand the importance of feedback, especially for the first year, that is why we offer regular quarterly appraisals to staff.  Each year, we also hold formal annual appraisals. This approach gives our team members regular opportunities to have a two-way conversation about their future.  
If you are interested in joining the team and working with us have a look at our current vacancies below!​ 

Current Opportunities

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    Manager Role

Selection Process

LBM aims to attract and retain the highest level of candidates. We spend a lot of time reviewing and interviewing applicants and only make offers to the very best candidates.  There are normally two stages to the recruitment process. The first stage is a sift, which identifies applicants who appear from the information provided in their application to be best suited to the role’s requirements. Those who go through this stage will then be invited to the first interview.
In the first instance, you should send a copy of your CV and a cover letter to, outlining the role that you are applying for and why you consider yourself to be a suitable applicant.
First interview 
Successful applicants will be invited to a first interview with two of our team members. This is a 2-hour long process.  On arrival, the applicants will be welcomed to the office, offered refreshments and a quiet room to undertake a series of short tests.  Afterwards, the interview will take place; this is typically completed by two of our Portfolio Directors.  
Second interview 
Applicants who are successful after the first stage interview will be invited back for a second interview, typically conducted by an Associate Director.  
We strongly believe in the benefits of constructive feedback and make sure to provide this quickly following any interview.  All applicants will be notified of the outcome within 24 hours following the second interview.

Block management is the cornerstone of our business and with over 10 years' experience, we can offer you expert knowledge of the industry. 

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